When Heaven Cried With Us


my uncle’s suicide
opened my eyes wide
made me realize
i didn’t want to die,
just wanted this pain inside
me to wither and fade away
like a flower surrendering
to the seasons;

and i hate how he never
told me of his struggles
in his letters
he always tried to encourage me—
some may have seen darkness
in his art,
but his heart was full of love
i know it was;

and i just wish that i could’ve written him more
so that he knew someone cared
i just wish somehow my love could’ve shattered
the darkness that swarmed his mind like a hive of angry bees—
i wish i could’ve helped take away the bitter sting
that life sometimes gives
so he could find his path again,
nineteen years ago;

and i still miss him
seems like it was just yesterday when the skies
were gray and heaven cried with us.

-linda m. crate

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