The Benefits of Wearing Our Heart on Our Sleeve


This is a guest post written by Dani Crater for the official blog of the Mental Health Awareness Project. The views and opinions in this post do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of those involved with the Mental Health Awareness Project. We are publishing this guest post in hopes that you may find it helpful or informative.

It is often thought that wearing our heart on our sleeve is a negative thing. Something that makes us vulnerable that invites people to manipulate and control us. And, to a certain extent, this may be true. Unless we choose to tell the world, they’re blissfully unaware of our struggle and we’re able to carry on in our own merry way.

But have we ever stopped to think about the plus sides of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable? Because, without opening ourselves up in such a way, how would we ever blossom into the kickass individuals we want to be!

Not everybody is out to get us and, believe it or not, a lot of people really want to help us in our battles. Heck, they might even have their own issues they’d love our help with. But none of us can help each other solve problems that we don’t even know exist.

Wearing our heart on our sleeve is natural for some, and those of us who accessorise our outfits with open emotions more commonly appear to have a closer support network. But look closer: They have the same caring pillars of support that we all do, only they’re able to offer more help because they have a better understanding of what we’re going through, how we’re feeling, and why we need that extra bit of their love.

A lot of us bottle things up, whether we know so or do it unintentionally, and, if this is a coping strategy that works for us, there’s absolutely no need to fix what isn’t broken. But there’s a whole world of help beyond our own internalised thoughts.

There are more than a few helping hands out there for us all, even when we feel like there isn’t a single soul who cares, and even fewer who actually understand us. But it’s all about a little bit of reasonable give and take.

If we don’t give those around us the trust and insight into our life, we can’t hope to take their comforting words of wisdom.

There are a lot of benefits to wearing our heart on our sleeve and being vulnerable isn’t always a bad thing; without a fall we can never get up. And sometimes that “fall” is simply moving ourselves from a standing position to comfortably sitting down while we open up our heart to our nearest and dearest.

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