I’m Building A Castle


i am a warrior
at the end of the day
every trauma and every bully
is less than i am
because i saved myself
time and time again
from the ugly things in my mind
that told myself i should end it all,
i saved myself from facing
my maker long before my time;

i decided that i would never give
them the satisfaction of getting to me—
i would be stronger than the words
that broke me,
and when i decided to live
it became easier;

used the stepping stones of cruelty
to build the foundation to my castle
and though i’m still building
i know that one day it will be a beautiful palace—
everyone who dreams will be welcome here,
but all the bigots and the thieves of kingdoms
and shatterer of dreams and monsters will be made to sit outside
watching the gators and the sharks swimming around the castle
to keep out all unworthy;

and they can think of how they should’ve always treated us as
the kings, queens, princesses, princes, warriors, knights,
ladies, lords, dukes, duchesses, and anything else we ever chose to be
all along.

-linda m. crate

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