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MHAP: Self-injury Awareness Month

March 1 - April 1

Discussions about different types of self harming, as an awareness tool.

Scratching or pinching – this behavior included severely scratching or pinching with fingernails or objects to the point that bleeding occurred or marks remained on the skin.

Impact with objects – this self-harm behavior included banging or punching objects to the point of bruising or bleeding.

Cutting – this self-injury method includes banging or punching oneself to the point of bruising or bleeding.

Ripped skin – this way of self-mutilation includes ripping or tearing skin.

Carving – this way of self-harm is when a person carves words or symbols into the skin. This is separate from cutting.

Burning – burning skin is a way of self-mutilation.

Rubbing objects into the skin – this type of self-harm involves the rubbing of sharp objects, such as glass, into the skin.

Hair-pulling – this way to self-harm is medically known as trichotillomania. In trichotillomania, a person feels compelled to pull out their own hair and in some cases even ingest that hair.

Ingestion of food you are allergic to- purposely eating food you know you will react to or that will make you sick.


March 1
April 1
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