Borderline Personality Disorder

The Fear of Abandonment

The fear of abandonment is essentially one of the many forms of anxiety. It’s technically not a phobia, though many, including myself, strongly disagree with its non-qualification as one. The closest phobia to the fear of abandonment is autophobia. Autophobia is the dread or fear of being isolated, or alone.…...

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Common Myths and Misconceptions about Borderline Personality Disorder

Let’s start with the obvious statements most of you might be making. All disorders have some misconceptions right? So why should BPD be any different? There are tons of inaccurate statements, leading to misconceptions, made on the internet about Borderline Personality Disorders and this is my attempt at clearing the…...

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Me and Borderline Personality Disorder

I am here to tell you my story. Not because I want sympathy or attention, but so you will understand why I am the way I am. My name is Shanell. I used to be extremely active, running track, playing volleyball, even roller derby and playing guitar and singing. I…...

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