Realising you need to accept help for yourself instead of doing it for others

Hey guys! Personally I reached a really low point in terms of my own Mental Health earlier this week, if you are new to my blog posts or even to MHAP I have a diagnosis of anxiety and depression, on Tuesday I attempted to take my own life again for…...

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Different types of Self Harm

Hello Beautiful People, My second post for MHAP this week is going to be about the different types of self harm. This post may cause triggering for some by talking about different types of self harm – if you feel as if this may trigger you please, please stop reading…...

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What I Wish I Knew about Mental Health Before my Diagnosis

Hi everyone, My name is Leo. On Twitter, I am known as The Anxious Teacher. This is my first post for the¬†Mental Health Awareness Project and I’m really excited to share my mental health journey with you all. I started blogging on my website: from March 2019 following a…...

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