How to Talk About Suicide

For Suicide Awareness Month, I thought I’d share what I learned having been taught elementary intervention for those contemplating suicide. Being trained to be a suicide alert helper showed me how to navigate a serious subject with candor. Here are a few important take-aways.     1. Know Your Resources…...

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4 Ways Travelling with Anxiety Prepared me for Life’s Transitions

Travelling is essentially navigating unfamiliar territory. So is life. With the summer months shortly coming to an end, I thought I would reflect on how many of the skills I used to look after my mental health while on holiday are also relevant to the upcoming transition back to school…...

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The Irony of Getting Self-Care Advice From Others

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the biggest proponent for increasing self-awareness and encouraging people to take care of themselves, but I’ve realized that how I define “self-care” extends beyond the marketable, aesthetic products on the shelves. It’s important to remember the that primary focus of self-care should always be yourself and…...

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