Anchors Rust


not everyone survives
their battle,
and i am sad when i think
of everyone’s that lost;

i hope they get their comfort
they couldn’t find on earth
i hope they know they’re loved
even when they couldn’t feel it—
i face the storms,
and brave the days
even those i would rather not get up;

i know not every day is good
but there is good in every day
sometimes miracles come in the most
unexpected ways;

so i am putting my back to the shadows
as much as i am able
i am looking for the stars, the moon, the sun,
and the flowers;

i am dancing in the rain and letting the pain wash away—
some days are heavy and some are hard,
but i remind myself that anchors rust and tomorrow
may be the day i jump out of this ocean of pain.

-linda m. crate

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