Shanell Huggins

Hello, my name is Shanell Huggins and I am from Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. I am married to my best friend and love of my life and together we have two girls along with two Husky’s.

I have gone through so much in the last 7 years, from endometriosis, a hysterectomy, then to fibromyalgia, degenerative back disease, interstitial cystitis and pelvic floor myalgia. Recently I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. This diagnosis took far too long to get to and because of that we went through hell. Even though I have chronic illness and mental illnesses, I refuse to allow it to define me and have dedicated myself to spread awareness about mental health, and help move our cities and towns in the right direction in order to make sure law enforcement is trained.

Here’s to spreading much needed awareness.

Twitter: @shanellhuggins

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