Nicole Sharpe

Nicole’s journey with mental illness began before she can remember, as a result of Complex Childhood Trauma. This trauma led her to a long-term addiction to an array of substances, homelessness, making a host of poor choices just to survive; including survival crime, and an overall state of unwell, desperation and hopelessness. Through the support of a few remarkable individuals, including her now husband, paternal grandparents, her sister, a peer who was further down their recovery path and an amazing team of mental professionals she was able to take a “strong right turn” in her recovery. Nicole has been clean and sober since February 9, 2003, and has not been acutely ill since the Summer of 2006. Nicole now lives a life full of hope, resilient and gratitude. Nicole feels extremely blessed to now be able to dedicate her life to supporting others on their recovery journey.

Nicole’s official diagnosis are: Rapid Cycling, Mixed State Bipolar I with Schizoaffective traits, Complex Post Trauma Stress Disorder, Undefined Panic Disorder, Complex Anxiety Disorder, Nonspecific Substance Induced Eating Disorder and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. Nicole is also a suicide survivor.

Although Nicole considers herself to be in recovery, she still struggles with body dysmorphia, nonvisible self harm, depression and anxiety on a daily basis.

Twitter: @PurpleRecovery

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