Date Founded

September 10, 2018 by Nicole Carman

Our Vision

A world without judgment and stigma associated with mental health and mental illness.


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The Mental Health Awareness Project, through its strong network of passionate and talented mental health advocates and writers, is raising awareness of mental health and changing the way people perceive and interact with those who live with a mental illness.

The Mental Health Awareness Project wants to start healty conversations about mental health, mental wellness, and mental illness. We all have mental health. We all deserve to be able to speak freely about it so we can get the help and support we need and deserve without judgment.

We advocate and raise awareness primarily online via our blog and social media, but with your help, we can become a registered nonprofit organization. This will enable us to begin fundraising so we can start taking the steps to organize in person awareness events and conferences.

The Mental Health Awareness Project will always encourage and support those who feel invalidated and unheard because of their mental health. We will always strive to help give you a voice when you need it most. We will always do our best to make sure you know you aren’t alone.

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Our Leadership

The Mental Health Awareness Project team is comprised of its Founder, thought-provoking Mental Health Writers, and dedicated Social Media Team.

  • Nicole Carman
  • Valarie Ward
  • Leo Allen
  • Tarini Chawla
  • Rachael S.
  • Jill Elizabeth
  • Tia Blanks
  • Brianna Drake
  • Daliah Abu Jamous
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