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Start conversations

about mental health, mental wellness, and mental illness.

Educate the public

on mental health topics to help decrease judgment and stigma.

Raise awareness

of mental health issues that affect almost one billion people worldwide.

Offer a voice

for those who feel invalidated or unheard because of their mental health.

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Mental Health Awareness Project Team

Become an #MHAPadvocate and help us raise awareness, one voice at a time.

Latest blog posts

Habits and Mental Illness: Finding Some Consistency Between the Depression Naps

Habits are important Abraham Maslow lists “homeostasis” (consistency in your life) as a fundamental human need in his hierarchy of human needs In episode one of her podcast, “Happier”, Gretchen…

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My Life as a Manic-Depressive

I’m going to go over some general information and facts about bipolar disorder before I tell you about my personal experiences with it so that you can have a better…

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Common Myths and Misconceptions about Borderline Personality Disorder

Let’s start with the obvious statements most of you might be making. All disorders have some misconceptions right? So why should BPD be any different? There are tons of inaccurate…

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