Who We Are

And what we do

Start conversations

about mental health, mental wellness, and mental illness.

Educate the public

on mental health topics to help decrease judgment and stigma.

Raise awareness

of mental health issues that affect almost one billion people worldwide.

Offer a voice

for those who feel invalidated or unheard because of their mental health.

Our People

Mental Health Awareness Project Team

Become an #MHAPadvocate and help us raise awareness, one voice at a time.

Latest blog posts

I’m Building A Castle

i am a warrior at the end of the day every trauma and every bully is less than i am because i saved myself time and time again from the…

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The Sun Came Again

thought of ending it all more than once, the bullying was forceful as a tide, didn’t know how i was going to save myself from splintering into grains of sand;…

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Suicide Does Not “Pass the Pain”

⚠ CONTENT WARNING   This post contains potentially sensitive or triggering content. If you are currently struggling with your mental health or know someone who is, it may be advisable…

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